About us

PassMedicine has provided quality online revision for medical exams since 2009.

Questions are written by practising doctors. We have a strong ethos of only providing quality, relevant questions and teaching notes. We do not add 'filler' questions to bump up the question count or include out-of-date questions. User feedback and scoring data is constantly analysed to allow exclusion of any underperforming questions. If you want to find out more about the features Passmedicine offers why not take a free demo.

At a time when being a junior doctor is becoming increasingly expensive (think GMC, Royal College examination fees) PassMedicine is committed to offer a quality revision resource at the least cost to yourself as possible. This is in part achieved by relying on word-of-mouth recommendations rather than funding expensive advertising campaigns. If you find PassMedicine useful, tell a colleague!

As well as concentrating on quality content much effort is put in to developing innovative features such as customised revision notes and a regularly updated histogram to compare your performance to other candidates.

We don't pretend PassMedicine offers a one stop shop to passing your exam but we do believe by using the site you can significantly increase your chances. There are a large number of other resources available to candidates, some of which have merit. Our only advice is to speak to colleagues who have passed the exam and build a package based on their recommendations.

If you have any questions, or want to us give some feedback - contact us

Jon Arnold, Founder and Managing Director